Restaurant Management System

The Restaurant Management System is meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of various dining establishments, such as restaurants, clubs, cafeterias, and other meal and beverage service centers. This comprehensive system streamlines operations, from order management to inventory control, ensuring efficiency and speed in service delivery. It offers robust features for accurate data management, which is crucial for tracking sales, monitoring stock levels, and understanding customer preferences.

Additionally, the system includes tools for enhancing customer service, such as table reservation management and order customization options. Its intuitive interface allows staff to quickly process orders and payments, reducing wait times and improving the overall customer experience. The system also provides valuable insights through detailed reports and analytics, aiding in strategic decision-making and helping managers identify areas for improvement. By optimizing operational workflows and providing actionable data, the Restaurant Management System plays a vital role in elevating the management and success of dining establishments.

Systen Advantages:

  • Get rid of the errors of calculation, pricing and customer delay at the queue to pay the bills.

  • Reduce the vast amount of cash invoices when migrating to the financial system.

  • Reduce the cost of manual labor and delay access to food by scheduling requests and automatically filtered according to sections.

  • Raise work efficiency and productivity of staff through a network link all the sections according to the authorities.

  • Access to an integrated control mechanism and the powers of clear and specific and accurate data.

  • To obtain the necessary reports speed and high accuracy.

System Advantages:

  • Work on the database is powerful, flexible and secure SQL Server data bear the pressure in the case of a large number of invoices, orders and customers.

  • The ability to manage a number of (restaurants / branches) through the master database check (control / thread / proliferation) with ease.

  • The possibility of dealing with sections within the section / per restaurant.

  • The possibility of adding more points of sale within one section.

  • Restaurants can be linked with the financial system (general ledger) and generate sales restrictions automatically.

  • The possibility of linking system restaurants with stores, which makes it easier to migrate, and calculating the stock movement is the special machine, which is calculated quantities for the meal and out automatically when the process of selling meals (calculating the cost of meals).

  • The possibility of paying the account via credit cards (Visa – Master Card).

  • The possibility of adding special lists making it easier for special operations banquet, contracts and applications.

  • Allows the system to deal with more than one quotation, and more than one method of payment (cash, Delayed), and more than one currency.

  • The possibility of dealing with tables with ease as it allows the system mapping tables and access to screen applicants with the possibility of switch tables.

  • The possibility of dealing with (Cache Draor, receipt printers to the customer, networking, touch screens, automated requests POCKET PC).

  • Dealing with the printing system provides flexibility where the division of printing on demand at a category or section.

  • The possibility of demand from other departments, the possibility of dealing with the return on sales limited powers, the possibility of dealing with periods.

  • Definition of staff in the restaurant (the name, number, address, account number, the discount rate, the type of job).

  • The possibility of changing the sequence of requests by type of applications or by payment method (cash, Delayed).

  • Dealing with the delivery service to homes through existing data connectivity applications.

  • Customer segmentation by region and link the customer areas making it easier to track future billings for customers by region.

  • Dealing with an opponent, taxes and service charges within the limited powers.

  • The system provides several options in dealing with the applications screen (keyboard shortcuts, figures, touch screen, mouse).

  • The possibility of the work of each point of sales in a separate database and linked in a major migration process to be network outages during work on the system.