Personnel Resources System (Banan Plus)

The Personnel Management System (Banan Plus) stands as a comprehensive solution, expertly engineered to manage staff attendance, absences, and vacation schedules with precision and ease. This system plays a crucial role in optimizing work schedules, ensuring that staffing levels are adequately maintained to meet the operational demands of the business. By effectively managing these key aspects of workforce attendance, the system significantly enhances overall organizational efficiency.

One of the core functionalities of Banan Plus is its ability to generate detailed and insightful reports. These reports provide employers with critical data on workforce attendance patterns, absence trends, and vacation usage. This information is invaluable for strategic planning, helping managers to make informed decisions that boost work productivity and ensure the most effective utilization of human resources.

Banan Plus is also designed for seamless integration with a variety of attendance devices. This integration facilitates a smooth and efficient process for monitoring staff entry and exit, thereby enhancing security and access control within the workplace. The system's ability to regulate working hours and record various attendance-related events contributes to a more disciplined and well-organized work environment.

Additionally, the system offers user-friendly interfaces and customizable settings, allowing for tailored management of attendance policies and procedures. This adaptability ensures that the system can cater to the unique needs of different organizations, regardless of size or industry.

Moreover, Banan Plus includes features for managing leave requests and approvals, streamlining the process and reducing administrative burdens. The system also supports compliance with labor laws and regulations related to working hours, overtime, and leave entitlements, thereby safeguarding the organization against potential legal issues.

In summary, the Personnel Management System (Banan Plus) is an essential tool for modern businesses, offering a robust and efficient approach to managing workforce attendance and schedules. Its comprehensive features and seamless integration capabilities make it an indispensable asset for enhancing productivity, maintaining compliance, and optimizing the overall management of human resources.

The main advantages:

  • Feature linking branches of the General Administration rapid synchronization feature ordinary telephone line via a centralized system and one in public administration and the installation of fingerprint only in branches.

  • Powerful database SQL server bear pressure data from the branches in the case of a large number of staff.

  • Possibility of merging the system of salaries and wages with automatic control system for fingerprint time (one system) and the launch payroll automatically.

  • Many of the options to comply with most of the facilities in terms of how to calculate the monthly payroll, leave, insurance and tax (benefits and deductions).

  • Follow the movement of absences and overtime at the level of history or the employee (in case of its association with fingerprint system).

  • Follow-up of advances granted to staff and the movement of the monthly deductions and the amounts paid and the remainder of each advance.

  • Processing and preparation of system variables on the level of each employee or at the enterprise level as a whole.

  • Contains an integrated management system for the calculation of wages (workers) several options (hours – days – Block – units – meters, etc.)

  • High flexibility to print payroll data at the level of salary data for each employee.

Specifications device fingerprint OA – 200:

  • Screen reading optical fingerprint against scratching and breakage and lifespan considerably.

  • The presence of therapists compact (super Dual Core Processor DSP + ARM)

  • High-capacity storage of up to 2000 mark (subject to increase until 5000) in addition to the storage process 50 000 attend and walk away (subject to increase until 150000).

  • The ability to read fingerprints wet and dry and any angle of rotation (360%).

  • Can be used to fingerprint only or fingerprint with the card or the card only (with the possibility to add a number of secret).

  • Reading can be taken through the web in the case of a Static IP Address.

  • Time to identify the footprint less than one second.

  • Scan Resolution DPI 500.

  • Scanning window 16 ml * 15 ml .

  • The possibility of linkage to server via Wiegand26 or TCP / IP or RS 232/485.

  • Assume a temperature of 10 degrees below zero to 60 degrees, and humidity between 20% to 80%.

  • The possibility of adding a feature section of the delivery access control Access Control of times that specific.

  • The possibility of a bundle having server to be handling synchronous or not synchronous. Can be linked to any number of units having server.

  • Can be mounted on the wall.